Print a Motion

3D printing: the future of mechanical prototyping

3D Printed version of a three-slider Trammel

Print a Motion lets you rapidly define your mechanism and print a model. In a couple of minutes, you will have a 3D model of your specific four-bar linkage. You can then upload it to Shapeways to be 3D printed.

Your model will be printed as a single unit with no assembly required. It will move from the moment you open the shipping package. Any initial stiffness due to retained powder in the joints will rapidly dissipate with use.

Crank Rocker

Dynamic Crank Rocker Model

The Crank Rocker is the most common of four bar linkages.

Specify your own lengths for rocker, coupler and base, specify the location of your coupler point and print a model of the crank rocker motion with these parameters.

Crank Slider

Dynamic Crank Slider Model

The Crank Slider uses a slider for the fourth bar, causing every linkage to have some motion on an axis.

Specify your own length for the connecting rod, and offset for the crank. Specify the coupler location and print a model of the crank slider motion with your parameters.

Inverted Crank Slider

Dynamic Inverted Crank Slider Model

The Inverted Crank Slider is a modification on the Crank Slider.

Specify your own lengths for slider offset and base length. Specify coupler location and print a model of the inverted crank slider motion with your parameters.

Shapeways Store

Saltire Design on Shapeways

Order model mechanisms from our Shapeways store. These models are printed in one piece, no assembly required, and illustrate interesting motions.

Linkage Atlas

Atlas of the Four-Bar Linkage

Use this handy reference to identify parameters for linkages to generate your desired form of coupler curve. Print a Motion uses the same parameters as the book, so once you have identified the motion you want you can come back here and print it.